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It's been some time since I last wrote about my life during COVID-19. I meant to write around my daughter's birthday in May, but I got carried away with other things, like ZOOM meetings. I was afraid that my daughter would hate her birthday party, but she ended up loving it. Her friends showed up virtually, family and friends sent gifts by post, and I ordered pizza and other goodies from her favorite pizza place (Domino's).

The economy is starting to open back up, for which I am glad. We are required to wear masks or face coverings, but it is a stumbling block for me. It's going to take some getting used to that's for sure. Anyways, a few days ago, I decided to donate some things to Goodwill, since they are now open (they opened back up on June 1). There was a line of vehicles almost out to the street, the drivers waiting to donate their stuff. No longer could you just toss your stuff into one trolley, donations had to be sorted by material: plastic/hard stuff, glass/breakables, and clothing/accessories and you did it yourself. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend do this for me so I didn't have to (yes, he was masked).

This brings us to today, which is June 5, 2020. I think you be interested in hearing about today. I was the last day of my daughters school year. It was supposed to be next week (I think), but with all the students being home because of COVID, students have been doing remote learning. It's been a hit or miss getting my daughter interested in school work. It's not easy trying to explain to a 6 year old why we are doing school stuff at home, and why it matters. I am sure she thinks I'm crazy, hahahaha. Needless to say, I am very glad that the school year is over. I attended a genealogy drop-in session via ZOOM. I always love the genealogy meetings. So much information is shared. I went to Walmart to pickup my curbside order. It's the most convenient thing, and wonder why I haven't been doing this before (I am a mother of two young children). I had my boyfriend go into Shaw's for me. Now I'm eagerly awaiting another ZOOM meeting with the Patten Free Library History Room. That's it for now.

Charity Williams


Williams, Charity, “How's My Week?,” How's Your Week Going?, accessed October 21, 2021,

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