Thoughts from a 70 year old Disabled Veteran


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Thoughts from a 70 year old Disabled Veteran



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I write poetry so...
Covid 19

By B A Wellman

March 21, 2020

Things aren't going very well for our country and our leaders

The rich go on without a care not true of bottom feeders

As if we needed more upset than our troubled plate could take

Fate stepped in and proved to us, not all the news was fake

Covid virus running wild, in Italy and China

Just the mention of that word, now gives a soul angina

Our Government to busy stealing, lying to the people

Not bright enough to realize, that China was our prequel

Don't warn the public sell your stocks, cash in on peoples sorrow

Elite was told, make moves today, we'll tell the poor tomorrow

Let's have the rural, city, towns, fend for themselves.. good luck

Our leaders attitude's soon prove, they planned to pass the buck

They say they're very smart and no one cares more for the masses

But all the benefits for us, go to upper social classes

No word from federal government, too busy doing nothing

The Senate on vacation says, why don't we keep on bluffing

It's now hit us, no lessons learned cause no one paid attention

Besides, who cares, all plaque can do is kill and bring on tension

Shelter in place if you are poor, so to for middle classes

Good luck to you, now here's a crumb go try to save your asses

Test kits coming, people dying their promises un kept

Advice on how to save our souls, was under life's rug swept

No drug to treat us and no hope, is what the Senate offers

Those bullies, tardholes, fools and clowns are just a bunch of scoffers

No masks for doctors, gloves for nurse, so here's a penny for your purse

You can not spend it, even worse, we'll now pay cash to call a hearse

Toilet paper gone from shelves, no beans, no wipes, no meat

I doubt the big boy ponders that, upon gold toilet seat

Rich restrooms in the nation stocked, with all that they will want

They horde supply while we have none, you think they've made a point?

The Senate gives no aid to us, thank your local city hall

They bring us facts, they give us hope with Federal in a stall

Flatten curves they tell us, but what's flattened is our belly

Closed now are the shops and stores, the Dairy Queen & deli

Social distance sounds like fun, if unhappy with your neighbor

With loved ones it's a painful notion, most of us don't savor

The ICU we can not visit, so the dying die alone

Still Washington is happy leaving, all the living prone

As the food chain stops, and they close the shops

Out of business goes the Moms and Pops

None left for them, none left for us, DC knows but won't discuss

Mitch and buddies will not fuss, makes you want to scream and cuss

We know not where Covid will leave us, but Senate, take a guess

If the job was done we hired for, we'd not be in the mess

What's behind door # 3 who cares? You're better chancing

Nothing is much better than our POTUS is romancing

And if this does not kill us all, will we have learned our lesson?

Let's call elected to the mat and make them start confessin'

Hear me true and hear me strong, this carnage could go on for long

Won't go away with just a song, you can't hide stupid with a thong!

In voting booth we change-or not, these leaders useless on the spot

Your vote's the weapon that you've got, help change begets into begot

If your still alive on voting day don't waste that vote nor throw away

Vote out the deadbeats where they lay, let's make it safe for straight and gay

Transgenders and the in betweens the Foreign students with their dreams

No one's safe from this loser team, United States ripped at it's seams

Covid should not turn our heads, nor should the lies our leaders said

If we don't die tonight in bed, please go to vote out talking heads

It's only started yes, that's true, let's wait and watch them nothing do

A challenge, yes, for me and you...

remember love will us get thru

~The End~ (perhaps, with new leadership)

Trying Times

by B A Wellman March 26, 2020

When you can't find the forest because of the trees

If you can't find your God when your down on your knees

Hope, faith and charity never charge fees

Yourself is the one you should work hard to please

Sometimes a heart needs to break out and cry

Why exists in our culture such a threatening divide?

Makes us, one by one, want to run off and hide

We need all hands on deck, advice please abide

Love can't exist, if we don't all chip in

Together we're strong and together we win

So together we're all gonna toughen our skin

Together, resilient like the man made of tin

Just like that man, please don't let your parts rust

Keeping oil can handy, right now, is a must

Take care of yourself while our nation is trussed

Assisting the sick, old and young now a must

Toss out all your bias, become color blind

More than one nations snared up in this bind

Eliminate fear and you too might find

The shocking truth of just what comes from "kind"

Some of us bend and that helps us to thrive

But some of us break, when our leaders connive

Your neighbor is hungry so don't food deprive

Hording it all won't help, helpless survive

If just one person wins, then the rest of us lose

Take command now, while our leaders all snooze

Don't burn your brain out obsessing on news

Happy winners all will win, sorry losers all lose

Love's never wrong just like hate's never right

If you have a soft pillow think on it tonight

Some sleep in doorways, others give up the fight

Don't reduce have and have nots to just black and white

Hard times seem like "you" and "them", remember don't divide

Multiply your happiness, out on your rainbow ride

Add time to smell the roses, sweet, and please don't take a side

Subtract the Tempest in the room, humanity will thrive

Danger breeds in whispered lies, so speak up loud and clear

There's never been a better time to conquer ethnic fear

Love your fellow man as well, then hold your loved ones near

Buck up cowboy.... tow line, this path was never clear!

Hatred only breeds the worst, love always breeds the best

Don't gossip, just tell facts my friend, when hope is put to test

Keep faith alive, you just might do, much better than the rest

Resilient attitude you need, to feather your own nest

Are we too blind the light to see?

Luck living in the land of free

Life gave each soul no gaurentee

Singing words of wisdom..... Let It Be

Even kids know right from wrong

So take my cue and play along

Blow some bubbles, sing your song

Make happy times your mind belong

Don't heed advice where lies do lurk

Comes words of warning with this work

Truth is truth, truth never jerks

It's time to cash in all our perks

We'll get thru this, and with our peers

Give help you can and share fate's tears

Hold on tight till a better time nears
If you've better advice...

then I'm all ears!


Wellman, B. A., “Thoughts from a 70 year old Disabled Veteran,” How's Your Week Going?, accessed October 5, 2022,

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