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Covid Chaos
By B A Wellman

upside down the world has turned, bad's now good, truths dumped into a trash bin
Old folks now sneaking out of the house, and their kids are all begging to stay in

think it’s bad now? just wait 15 years when our country will run by the home-schooled
taught by day trippers and Dads out of work, unqualified teaching the misruled

2 students suspended for fighting in class, and teacher let go for her drinking
blind leading blind, bravely forward downhill, is a plan my school-board is thinking

kids out for play both called in a bomb threat, must keep them away from my cell phone
Too bad it won't work, my caller ID tells me the call was made by my well known

kids cry around as they're finding out, their teacher is the same one for next year
the year after that and the year after that, can work up a good student's worst fear

covid has done what no woman can do, keep men home, stop all sports and close bars
Today seems no different from yesterday's fear is covid much different from SARS?

Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under, advice taken can soon go astray
The past is the past but it's really no different Than what they're supposing today

Washed my hand clean just so many times, when I did not even soil it
So much soap in my system that now, when I pee, it cleans out the bowl of my toilet!

Last year my shrink told me stay away from folks negative, that was yesterday's news
Today we avoid the positive ones, making all of the changes confused

Oh! Joy! It is Wednesday, time to take out the trash, wondering what I shall wear
Making it fun for the neighborhood gossip and what should I do with my hair?

It's National Home-school Tornado Drill time. lock your kids in the basement in fear
The easiest part of your day will go by, until they give the "all Clear"

so bored I called State Farm last evening, just to ask the guy what he's wearing?
Finding excitement from day to day tasks, comes slow like smoking fish to red herring

Day twelve of this trauma the dog looks at me, as if saying that's why i chew shoes
Can't social distance away from my fridge, or the TV that's spewing bad news

we can’t eat out, now’s the perfect time, eat better, get fit, and stay healthy
Order food out and pay for delivery, if your living white and are wealthy

Some will come out as fabulous cooks, others with new drinking habits
The strong will exit much stronger my friend, others hold up in bedroom like rabbits!

My birthday is Friday don't know where I'll go, but have choices I'm sure will enrich-en
So many places, must make up my mind, will I go to the hallway or kitchen?

Spinning my TP like a wheel of fortune, but there's no more to buy for replacement
Oh what do we do now that paper is gone and we can't walk with spouses adjacent?

breakfast each morning now my jeans no more fit, pj's only from this point on forward
Caution is fickle can be true of false, As we swim to find truth bravely shore-ward

Changing my clocks to spring going forward, don't think, if you think, you're alone
when we changed the clocks we'd go from time standard, to Time in the Twilight Zone

a neighbor is telling her problems to cat, It was clear she thought understood her.
My doggie and I both laughed when we heard this, as if a cat and a human can concur

yes! Quarantine has turned us all into dogs, roaming about until we find food
Told "no" when we get too close to strangers, but afternoon naps change the mood

And when it's all over do we join weight watchers or A.A. Meetings in cloisters
Perhaps mental health will help us at last to find safety as good as closed oysters

Does anyone know if permission was granted for me to take a warm shower
Or just keep washing my hands to the bone, in sink all day long I do scour

Classified ads now say single man, with tp looking now for connection
Seeking a mate with sanitizing wipes, good clean fun to help with dejection

He claims only touch with a 6 foot pole, who'd of thought that to be the new come on
seeking protection from his lovers touch, rubber gloves too are needed to get gone

My favorite out eats is my kitchen of course, bring ingredients, cook your own order
The pile of soup-cans in the pantry tell all, I'm not a chief but a hoarder

Each time i approach, my fridge tells the tale, asking what miracle i next can perform
Defrosting a meal or yesterday's left-overs, microwave can bring cold to warm


Alexa soon tells me the weather is fine, for just doing your all about nothing
Good day to seek friends for better or worse, but better turns out to be bluffing

Our potus infected tells modern day lies, how does lying make america great?
So follow directions but not from the top, cause our government news is all fake

Take care of yourself, the old and the young, just do the best that you are able
Tomorrow's news comes, it's all upside down, good advice has just turned the table

Take mind of the truth and turn off the news, G.o.p. lies have proved to be treason!
Carona invited by our watchful chief.......
proving all his fake lies have fake reasons!

~The living End~


Wellman, B. A., “Covid Chaos,” How's Your Week Going?, accessed August 16, 2022,

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